Where can I buy your products?

Our products are available at better health food stores and online. Check out our retail locator to find a store near you.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we will need to set up your business as a commercial account. Please contact us to get started.

How do your products taste?

We pride ourselves in providing incredibly delicious products. Our products are generally considered the best tasting diet and protein products available anywhere with no sacrifice from their unhealthier cousins. We are so confident you will love our products we offer an unconditional money back guarantee. Simply return any unopened product back to us in good condition and we will promptly credit your account.

Do your products contain Maltitol?

No. Of the total sugar alcohols, erythritol comprises most of the amount and has a much lower laxative effect. Generally, our products do not have any stomach upset which other sugar free products may have. However, the fiber content is high and can have some effect in large quantities.

What are Sugar Alcohols?

Sugar Alcohols are derived from sugar molecules. They include sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, lactitol, maltitol and others. They are typically ½ fewer calories than sugar and range in sweetness from about half to equal the sweetness as sugar. Sugar alcohols, or polyols, may be used in place of sugar for people on low carb diets and people with diabetes. Unlike sugar, they do not break down completely in the body, so blood glucose levels are not affected.

Can you send me a product catalog?

The best and most current information about all Keto Wise products can be found on our website. At this time we do not publish a catalog.

How much are shipping charges?

You can find a direct link to our shipping and return policy in the Information Center at the bottom of every page.

Are your products Kosher?

Yes. Our products are certified Kosher-Dairy by KYK - Kentucky Kosher. However, the packages may or may not contain this information until previous packaging runs out.

Do your products work on Atkins or Weight Watcher diets?

Yes, our products work with Atkins, Weight Watcher, South Beach and virtually all other diets.

What is your source of fiber?

Inulin, Chicory Root and Oligofructose are all sources of fiber. These are carbohydrates found naturally in many plants and can be used to add fiber to diets.

Where do I find the ingredients and nutrition facts on your products?

All ingredients and nutrition facts are found by clicking the products on the shop online page.

Is it safe to order online?

Yes, the website is safe. When you place an order through this site, you’ll notice that your web browser indicates a secure, or “encrypted” connection by showing https, displaying a lock icon and/or changing color. All information received on this site will never be sold or transferred to other parties. Keto Wise's website is hosted and maintained by Shopify. Shopify is a leading ecommerce provider setting the bar for online shopping security. HealthSmart Foods does not retain or store any personal financial information on its web servers.

I am online and having difficulty completing my order what should I do?

Some web browsers may make navigating our site difficult. Our site works with the following modern browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and above

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above

Apple Safari 5 and above

on Mac only Google Chrome 7 and above

However, if you are still experiencing difficulty please call us directly at 1-888-524-3314 and we will be glad to manually process your order over the phone.


KetoWise has a long history of producing quality products within the health foods industry. We are constantly striving to make healthy and nutritious snacks that not only taste delicious, but also help people accomplish their fitness goals whether that is weight loss, building muscle, or simple maintaining a healthy lifestyle while staying in ketosis. Here at KetoWise, we don't want anyone to sacrifice taste or the feeling of indulging in something sweet while you're reaching your health goals. With the dieter in mind, we continue to innovate our products to provide snacks that are both nourishing and tasty.